Veterinary ServicePet Dental X-rays

We provide a variety of diagnostic options, including pet X-rays, in-house laboratory equipment, and the ability to send tests to other laboratories.

Pet Dental X-rays in Palatine, IL

We are happy to conduct physicals, provide your pets with necessary vaccinations, and work with you on all facets of wellness care.

A tooth is like an iceberg – you only see about 1/3 of it! But disease often starts in the part of the tooth you can’t see – the root and bone. That’s where dental X-rays are helpful.

We offer digital dental radiography. Our Progeny X-ray machine provides digital images of the highest quality. We can send images over the internet to board-certified dentists for challenging cases, who can interpret the radiographs and give us timely advice.

Notice the detail in the image. There’s a nice detail of all the tooth structures.

Results appear on a computer screen immediately with no waiting for the film to be developed. They can be instantly transmitted electronically to a board-certified radiologist for interpretation with a rapid turnaround time
Safety A lower amount of radiation is needed to produce a digital x-ray, so your pet and our team are kept safer.